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Use our flexible platform, exhaustive question bank and friendly support staff to create tailored tests that meet the specific needs of your company.

Who We Are

iLiftOFF is a great tool for employers who want to engage, detect and recruit better with a smarter platform. We help you find brilliant talent which fits perfectly into your awesome company.

What We Do

Tests, Tests and More Tests- We have hundreds of tests which job seekers can take to prove their caliber
Custom Tests- Think your company needs a custom test? Use your own questions to create a test and administer it instantly to job-seekers where ever they are. Alternatively, let our expert content team understand your requirements and make a custom test to suit your needs.

What Next From Us

We want you to be able to assess candidates beyond their resumes and GPAs. Our expert developer team is continuously working to better the platform to provide you real insights into the applicants, automated scoring and evaluation, a screening process as quick as the snap of your fingers.

Where We Are

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